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To find out about what we do and why we do it, to hear what our customers have to say about us, or to find out a bit more about our brilliant team and superb location … read on …

“I want everyone who comes into the bar to feel welcomed, get some good grub into them, have a ball watching their team win or lose, and for them to enjoy the great atmosphere. The people who come into the bar are often locals as well as tourists so we try to offer good value for money food and drink which tastes great. We try to inject a bit of old fashioned British pub banter into everyone’s day and our aim is to have customers leave (eventually) with full tummys and a smile on their faces”

‘Uncle’ John Ward – Owner

“I’ve been here for 9 years now and worked in bars most of that time. It’s amazing for me to think back to the dingy spots, bad service and lack of any atmosphere I’ve seen in that time. When we opened The Seahorse we wanted it to be a bright and airy place, where people could relax and chat with the whole family, or watch their team in the rugby or football with a decent pint and a good meal. We’ve tried really hard to make sure there’s a lot for the kids to do and that it’s not just a place for blokes to watch the footy. We serve really good wines, the food is fresh and healthy (but as a Scot’s-man I insist our chef be able to batter almost anything on the menu) and our staff are a great bunch … they work hard but know how to have a laugh along the way”

Mervin ‘Pancho’ Dingwall



We’re really proud of our team at the seahorse. We come from all over the uk and take seriously our task of making your visit a fun one and providing a friendly and relaxed environment for you to eat and drink.

Our team will always welcome you, but if you’d like to be on first-name terms from the minute you arrive … why not check out the staff profiles right here.

Merv’ or as the locals refer to him; ‘Pancho’

Merv’ is our resident grumpy Scotsman and partner in the seahorse. He’s worked in bars for donkey’s years, both here on Fuerteventura and back in glasgee too. Most likely to be found grumbling about Ayer games not being shown on sky, about Celtic’s latest European defeat or the price of cod … merv’ is the mainstay of the seahorse bar. The local fishermen call him ‘Pancho’ and have taken him to their hearts. If you meet Merv’ in the bar, just ask him about football, his dog ‘Jakey’ or tell him a dirty joke … just don’t ask him for a cocktail … the last person to ask got a lager top.

‘Uncle’ John

‘Uncle’ John is a Liverpool supporter but we try not to hold that against him. As well as being the seahorse’s money and admin king, John is the owner of Europe’s most successful pet-cemetery back home in Wales … We kid you not. John is a bit of an ‘ideas man’ and is always plotting new events and themed nights to entertain you lot … the punters. If he’s not locked in the office counting out the money we need for this week’s beer supply, he can be found organising live music, fiddling with boxes and wires to ensure the next karaoke night goes off with a bang, but come LFC match-days he’ll be found in the bar, often with a beer-tower and if you still don’t recognise him … he’s the guy in the Liverpool shirt singing along (badly) to ‘you’ll never walk alone’


Jan is the glue that holds the rest of the team together at the seahorse. She’s the one who speaks the best Spanish and the locals love her for her friendly and warm welcome, her infectious laugh and her willingness to go (way way way) beyond the call of duty to make things spot-on for seahorse customers. She’s a dab hand in the kitchen, runs the bar with military precision and is also a whirling dervish on the floor making sure you get your meal steaming hot, and that everyone in the bar is happy and well-watered. If she’s in the kitchen you could do worse than try her legendary ‘sizzling garlic prawns’ or the ‘beer-battered cod, chips and mushy peas’.  Jan … you do the work of 3 men … we salute you.


Jackie is our newest addition to the team and has already added her own special kind of ‘va-va-voom’ to our kitchen and menu. Her authentic Indian curry pastes are a spice-sensation and help us to serve the best curry in town … every time. Jackie has been a pub landlord and even ran her own B&B back in the UK so knows how to keep you all well-fed and in the holiday spirit. She’s a whizz at home-cooked, hearty dishes … but likes her grub with a kick too … her spicy tomato and bell-pepper soup is a real ‘tingler’ on the taste-buds. When not cooking up a storm at The Seahorse, Jackie is a bit of a craft-queen, making home-made cards and getting busy with needle and thread, trying to control her unruly, wolf-whistling pet Parrot, and dreaming of the next level-up on Candy Crush.


Keith is our main evening bar-man, and fancies himself as quite the mixologist (that’s barman speak for cocktail maker). He makes a mean ‘bloody Mary’ and I’ve heard it said around cotillo that his ‘sex on the beach’ is mind-blowing. Keith is a spurs fan and as a result of all that pain and suffering is our most relaxed and chilled-out member of staff. Keith is a great bloke who outside of work spends most of his time making other people’s gardens look beautiful … pop in and have a chat over a ‘screwdriver’ or ‘tequila sunrise’.


Gayle is our queen of back-stage and whilst you might not see her in the bar as much as the rest of the team, she is at the top of the list when it comes to making your visit special. We know that a clean, tidy, hygienic bar is the least our customers demand so whether it’s dusting and organising our over-flowing wine collection, ensuring that our dining tables are clean enough to eat your dinner from, or ensuring that our ladies WC is the cleanest and most fragrant in all of cotillo … Gayle is super-woman.  Gayle is one of life’s football oddities … she’s a Man’ United fan from Liverpool … you’ll find her sipping a G&T whenever her beloved ‘reds’ are on the TV.


Tom is our kitchen ninja (actually, he couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper-bag, but he got the nick-name on account of his all black chef-kit), who makes a mean beef lasagne, flings a fresh Italian pizza with the best of them and probably has the dirtiest laugh in el cotillo. Tom is obviously some kind of masochist as he supports Bristol Rovers but brings a bit of the gentlemanly side of sport to the bar too as he’s a mad-keen cricket and tennis fan too. Tom’s got a filthy laugh and a sarcastic sense of humour so is usually worth a few giggles if he’s in the bar … if not, he’ll be found at the beach where he claims to be ‘surfing’ … but between us … no one has ever seen him manage to stand up on his surf-board yet.